There's a better way to vote.

It's called ranked choice voting  and it is a simple yet powerful change we can make to give all eligible voters a stronger voice in Virginia elections and ensure candidates win with a true majority. It's as easy as 1...2...3!

Cities and states across the country are adopting ranked choice voting -- also known as "instant runoff" -- because it lets voters show how they really feel about the options. No more worries about "wasting" your vote on an unpopular pick or "spoiling" the election by voting your conscience. This simple change to how we vote can help reduce gridlock, promote clean campaigning, and encourage higher turnout because every ballot really counts. 

We're a single issue, local chapter of the national FairVote movement, a non-partisan, non-profit champion of ranked choice voting. Our members cover the entire political spectrum and come together from across the Commonwealth, united by a shared mission to revive real, representative democracy.

In 2020, Virginia passed legislation that allows town councils and boards of supervisors to adopt ranked choice voting for local elections. We were there every step of the way to see it through. If you would like to advocate for RCV in your locality, please let us know! 

Arlington, Fredericksburg, and Albemarle County are considering adopting ranked choice voting! There are campaigns all across Virginia working to bring RCV to local government. Join us to receive Action Alerts straight to your inbox!

Virginia, USA

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