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Action Alert HB1103

House Privileges & Elections Subcommittee: Constitutional Amendments

Delegate Hudson's bill HB 1103 has been assigned to subcommittee, which meets on Mondays at 4:30 in the House Committee Room in the Pocahontas Building. The bill now has bipartisan sponsorship and will be heard Monday January 27th, 2020! The bill co-patrons are Sally L. Hudson (chief patron,) Patrick A. Hope (chief co-patron,) Jeffrey M. Bourne, Sam Rasoul, Suhas Subramanyam, and Glenn Davis.

These Delegates are assigned to Privileges & Elections Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee and are of top priority to contact this week:

Delegate Marcus B. Simon   (D) - House District 53 

(804) 698-1053

Delegate Marcia S. "Cia" Price   (D) - House District 95

(804) 698-1095

Delegate Mark H. Levine   (D) - House District 45

(804) 698-1045

Delegate Dawn M. Adams   (D) - House District 68

(804) 698-1068

Delegate Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler   (D) - House District 21

(804) 698-1021

Delegate Israel D. O'Quinn   (R) - House District 5

(804) 698-1005

Delegate Les R. Adams   (R) - House District 16

(804) 698-1016

Delegate Joseph C. Lindsey   (D) - House District 90

(804) 698-1090

If your Delegate sits on this committee, please call them and ask them to vote in favor of HB 1103. Rally others in your district to call, too!

Who's My Legislator?

Click here to find out who represents you in the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. 

Talking points for advocating for RCV with your Delegate and Senator

If your representative seems especially enthusiastic about RCV, ask them to co-patron the bill. We would love to see bipartisan support from solution-oriented representatives in both the House and Senate versions.

Dos and Don'ts

Don't over promise. RCV is a simple and easy improvement to the way we vote, but won't fix all of our problems.  

Do convey that RCV is about options for the voter.

Do explain that RCV gives voters the choice they want while ensuring the winner(s) receives a majority of support. 

Do convey that RCV prevents spoilers and voters from believing they will be wasting a vote by selecting their preferred candidate. 

Don't over-complicate it. It's as easy as 1...2...3. We rank things daily in life. 

Don't be partisan. This is a solution to improve democracy for ALL voters. 

Don't call RCV a "new" concept. It is not new and it is used in many cities throughout the US, for overseas military voters, across the world, and in well-known organizations. 

Information about HB1103 and Specific Talking Points for the Bill

RCV Local Pilot for Local Elections: 

HB1103 / SB892 Ranked choice voting; elections for local governing bodies; local option pilot program.Chief Patrons: Delegates Hudson (HB1103) and Senator Ebbin (SB892)FairVote Virginia Board Members unanimously SUPPORT HB1103 / SB892  

Specific talking points for HB1103 / SB892:

  • HB1103 / SB892 propose local pilots, localities may choose / choose not to participate

  • Most voting equipment in Virginia is capable of tabulating RCV elections

  • No or minimal fiscal impact to the state budget is anticipated for these bills 

  • The locality is responsible for implementation and education costs

  • Delayed implementation until 2021, with a sunset clause in 2031

Lobby Day with Unite Virginia and Represent.US

Thank you to all who were able to join us yesterday! It was a fast-paced and successful day of advocating for ranked choice voting.

Unrepresented Film Screening 

Join us for a special film screening with a panel discussion to follow. View the event description and information here

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

VCU Commons Theater

901 Floyd Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220

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