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Action on Ranked Choice Voting for Richmond, Virginia

The City of Richmond is considering adopting Ranked Choice Voting for future elections. The next action on this ordinance is TODAY, September 6th,2022! The regularly scheduled Organizational Development meeting, where RCV will be heard, will take place this evening after a Special Meeting at 5:00 pm.

The meeting can be viewed using this link

Richmond residents should contact their City Council members today and before September 12th, when a possible final vote occurs. Let them know you want them to pilot RCV for RVA City Council.

Tell your Councilor that RCV:

  • Promotes candidates who build consensus, requires a majority of votes to win

  • Is very popular and easy-to-understand in localities that already use it

  • Removes the "spoiler effect" of having three or more candidates in an election

  • Can make elections more fair and competitive

  • Has a proven track record of being beneficial to minorities and women seeking office

  • Is used in localities all across the US, and for some state-wide elections

More about tonight's meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. (The regularly scheduled Organizational Development Standing Committee meeting, scheduled for the same date and time, will take place at the conclusion of the special meeting.)

WHERE: Richmond City Council Chambers Richmond City Hall 900 East Broad Street, 2nd Floor Richmond, VA 23219

The agenda for this meeting is accessible on the City’s legislative website by clicking here.


Consider supporting FairVote Virginia's work to bring Ranked Choice Voting to more Virginia localities. Click HERE to make a one-time or recurring contribution.

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