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Arlington County Board Endorses Ranked Choice Voting

On November 12th, a coalition of Ranked Choice Voting advocates made comments in support of RCV for County Board Elections, at a hearing on the matter. After about an hour of thorough discussion, the County Board moved to endorse a pilot of Ranked Choice Voting for County Board primaries, in June 2023.

Speakers included FairVote Virginia members, former candidates, local Civic Association representatives, and leaders of voting reform organizations:

Chris DeRosa, Adam Theo, Liz White (UpVote Virginia,) Joan Porte (League of Women Voters,)

Mike Cantwell (FairVote Virginia VP / Veterans for Political Innovation,) and Dave Schutz.

The County Board will advertise the proposed ordinance for the required amount of time and vote on the RCV ordinance at a meeting in December 2022. A timeline for potentially implementing RCV for the November General Election was also discussed.

View the video link here . Agenda Item 35 begins around minute marker 1:24:00 (9:54 am).

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