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Arlington Electoral Board Meeting, RCV Presentation

Gretchen Reinemeyer presented at the Arlington Electoral Board Meeting about the potential implementation of ranked choice voting. Ms. Reinemeyer is doing great footwork to prepare ALL Virginia localities, not just Arlington, for implementation of ranked choice voting.

She is working to get answers from election equipment and software vendors about technological readiness or development needs, and certification compliance. She is in conversations with the State Board of Elections to get clarification on many points. The answers she gets will help other localities in Virginia understand what is needed to adopt RCV for local elections. We applaud her research and coordination! Next steps for Arlington...

The information in Ms. Reinemeyer's report should be presented to the full County Board, if they request it, and then they will need to decide if they want to go through the process of creating an ordinance to adopt RCV. If you live in Arlington, consider calling or writing the County Board Members and let them know that you support using ranked choice voting for county elections.

Link for the agenda, video and Gretchen's presentation

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