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Fauquier Board of Supervisors should implement Ranked Choice Voting in replacing Granger

(Published on FauquierNow on 8/11/2022)

By Elizabeth Melson, President of FairVote Virginia

The resignation of Fauquier County Board of Supervisors Chair, Chris Granger, leaves big shoes to fill. There is a process for ensuring another phenomenal candidate is elected to the Board, with consensus support. It’s called Ranked Choice Voting. Republicans used this voting method in recent nominating conventions in Congressional Districts, including VA-10.

As prescribed by § 24.2-673.1 of the Code of Virginia, a county board of supervisors or city council may elect by majority to conduct an election for its members by ranked choice voting. Richmond, Fredericksburg, Arlington, and Albemarle County are considering adopting RCV. Fauquier County should do the same. RCV is endorsed by a coalition of civic organizations all across Virginia. It's a reform with common ground!

There are many merits of RCV. It promotes competition. More candidates may enter the political arena in places that adopt RCV, because it eliminates the “spoiler effect'' in races that have three or more candidates. Votes aren't split between two similar choices. Voters can vote for the candidate that best represents them and have back up choices.

RCV ensures majority winners, through tabulation by instant run-off. This voting method also diminishes negative campaigning. Candidates must reach out beyond their familiar base of support and work toward being voters' second and third choice. Candidates may have to coordinate messaging, rather than only attacking the competition.

To learn more about ranked choice voting go to

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