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Governor Northam Signs Ranked Choice Voting Bills!

A call to the Governor's Office this morning confirmed that both HB506 and HB1103 have been signed by Governor Northam! Although, at the writing of this update Virginia's Legislative Information System had not yet been updated.

It is a dream come true that Ranked Choice Voting legislation was passed in the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session. It took committed bill patrons, an unprecedented number of bill co-patrons, diligent direct lobbying, outreach events, collaboration, grassroots mobilization, media support and more to get it done. We are so grateful to everyone who made it happen!

Support RCV Implementation, Donate Today!

However, it's almost like the work is just beginning! Now, we must encourage localities to adopt ranked choice voting in town council and board of supervisor elections. That will take significant financial support, volunteer efforts, and voter education through continued collaboration and coalition building. 

We would greatly appreciate if you can make a one-time or monthly donation of $5, $10, $25, $50 or more! Thank you for considering and stay tuned for volunteer opportunities.

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