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Governor's Action Deadline for Ranked Choice Voting Bills

We hope everyone is staying well under Virginia's stay at home order. If you are looking for some way to help get ranked choice voting bills across the finish line, please consider contacting Governor Northam's office. Governor's Action Deadlines for HB1103 and HB506 are at 11:59 pm on April 11, 2020.

Click here to send an email to Governor Northam's office, let staff know that you support HB1103 and HB506, which allow for use of ranked choice voting in some local elections. Or consider calling the Constituent Services line to voice your support 804-786-2211

Use this sample script for contacting Governor Northam's Office:

Dear Governor Northam,

I am a Virginia resident living in _______________. I support HB1103 which is a local pilot for ranked choice voting (RCV) which will make local elections better, faster, and cheaper in jurisdictions that want to use it.

This bill gives localities the option to pilot ranked choice voting for their local governing body with no anticipated fiscal impact to the state budget. Most localities already have the equipment capable for RCV. Places that already have RCV have seen higher turnout, cleaner campaigning, and greater engagement from diverse candidates and voters.

I also support HB506, a similar bill, proposing RCV for Arlington County.

Thank you,

Your Name804-786-2211804-786-2211804-786-2211

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