Ranked Choice Voting Bills to be Heard Friday, January 31st

Two bills proposing ranked choice voting (aka instant run off) will be heard on Friday morning. Please make calls or emails TODAY to the committee members linked below, in support of the bills.

You may also attend the hearings to show support for the bills. If you do, please keep it brief, the agendas are heavy as the mid-point of the Virginia General Assembly session approaches. Simply state your name, what town or county you are from, and that you support the bill.

At 9:00 am in the Shared Committee Room in the Pocahontas Building, HB 506 will be heard in the House Counties, Cities, and Towns committee. This bill allows instant run off voting in Arlington County. Please ask these committee members to support this bill.

In House Room 3 in the Capitol Building, at 9:30 am, Privileges & Elections will hear HB 1103. This bill has 11 bipartisan co-sponsors and allows for local pilot use of ranked choice voting in town councils or boards of supervisor elections. Please ask these committee members to support HB 1103.

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