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Ranked Choice Voting Bills to be Heard on February 18th

The bills that we have been tracking and advocating for have crossed over from the Virginia House of Delegates to the Senate! Does your Senator serve on the Privileges & Elections Committee? If so, ask them to support bills allowing pilots of ranked choice voting in local elections. Be sure to send a message this evening or tomorrow morning! Both bills that we support (HB506 and HB1103) will be heard Tuesday afternoon! Click here to find out who represents you.

Here is a sample script:

"Dear Senator _________,

I am your constituent living at _______________. I support HB1103 which is a local pilot for ranked choice voting (RCV) which will make local elections better, faster, and cheaper in jurisdictions that want to use it. I ask that you vote in support of this bill on Tuesday.

This bill gives localities the option to pilot ranked choice voting for their local governing body with no anticipated fiscal impact to the state budget. Most localities already have the equipment capable for RCV. Finally, places that already have RCV have seen higher turnout, cleaner campaigning, and greater engagement from diverse candidates and voters.

Thank you,

Your Name"

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