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Ranked Choice Voting for Richmond, Virginia

Great News coming from our FairVote Virginia Richmond team...Councilwoman Katherine Jordan has drafted an ordinance for RCV for RVA! She may be proposing this ordinance on April 11th, to Richmond City Council.

It's time to remind Richmond's Council members that we support using Ranked Choice Voting for City Council elections - Call and email them NOW! Please consider setting up a virtual, or in-person meeting with the City Councilor that represents the district in which you reside.

View this link to determine your district. If you are ready to bring RCV to RVA, please sign up here:

Richmond City Council Members

Councilors listed in order by Districts 1st through 9th

Andreas D. Addison 804.646.5935

Katherine Jordan 804.646.6532

Ann-Frances Lambert 804.646.6055

Kristen M. Nye 804.646.5646

Stephanie A. Lynch 804.646.5724

Ellen F. Robertson 804.646.7964

Cynthia I. Newbille 804.646.3012

Reva M. Trammell 804.646.6591

Michael J. Jones 804.646.2779

Mayor Levar Stoney 804-646-7970

Contact us for a sample script, or use some of these talking points to make your own letter.

  • RCV is a simple change to the way we vote. It's as easy as 1...2...3.

  • Winners of RCV elections have the support of the majority of voters

  • RCV elections eliminate the “spoiler” effect, when there are three or more candidates.

  • RCV elections increase candidate and voter participation

  • More voices, more choices!

  • In localities that have adopted ranked choice voting more elections are won by women and people of color.

  • Voters have overwhelmingly reported that they understood and supported the use of RCV.

  • Cities across the country use ranked choice voting, such as Oakland CA, Minneapolis MN, and New York City.

  • RCV is Great for Vote by Mail ballots

  • (sometimes a candidate will drop out of the race between the time the election office mails the ballot and the time the voter votes. With RCV, the voters second choice is counted)

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