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Ranked Choice Voting News Across Virginia

November 12th - Arlington County Board May Consider a Resolution for Ranked Choice Voting. Local citizens contact your Board Members in support of a Resolution. Here is the agenda for the meeting. RCV is item #34, and may not be heard until the afternoon. Public Comment begins at 8:30 am with the meetings beginning at 9am. We would also like to see local governments urging the Virginia General Assembly to expand the option to use RCV to School Board.

November 15th, 5pm - Citizens to speak about RCV at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Meeting. We will be asking the Board of Supervisors to urge the Virginia General Assembly to expand the option to use RCV to School Board. The Board of Supervisors will be encouraged to hold a Work Session on Ranked Choice Voting, like this one held in Albemarle County recently. Here are directions for how to sign up to speak at the Loudoun County meeting. You may use these Talking Points, or make your own.

No candidate in the recent Loudoun County School Board election received a true majority, meaning most voters preferred a candidate other than those who won. That's the problem with plurality results, when there are more than two candidates. With ranked choice voting, candidates who build consensus can rise to the top with a majority of votes. They would work to earn first, second, and third choice votes.

November 15th, 5 to 7pm - Hampton Roads RCV Campaign Kick- Off in Norfolk.

Join FairVote Virginia, Rank the Vote, UpVote Virginia, and Veterans for Political Innovation in bringing Ranked Choice Voting to Hampton Roads! Invite your friends to RSVP here

November 16th, 2:00 pm - Board of Supervisors will hear more about Ranked Choice Voting at the Albemarle County Regular Second Meeting. At approximately 3:40 pm Electoral Board Implementation Requirements for Ranked Choice Voting will be presented by Lauren Eddy, General Registrar & Director of Elections.

December - Chesterfield County RCV enthusiasts are organizing. Stay tuned for an upcoming event announcement!

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