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Ranked Choice Voting Update Amidst Uncharted Territory

We are all adjusting to social distancing and uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 emergency measures. For some people, that looks like suddenly becoming homeschooling families and balancing working remotely. For others, who may be working in critical services and healthcare, they may be facing increased demands and risk. Some of you may be of age or have underlying health conditions that require extreme measures of caution. We are certainly in uncharted territory.

For FairVote Virginia, a volunteer run organization, adjusting looks like taking a momentary pause to address our life's priorities first. Then, as President, it is checking in with Board Members on their well-being and Coalition members on how to best move our goals forward when outreach gatherings are not allowed.

Every few days, I look at our ranked choice voting bills, HB506 and HB1103, to see if they have been sent to the Governor yet. I look with empathy and patience, knowing that Governor Northam is quite busy responding to a pandemic and National Emergency.

Here is Governor Northam's most recent update regarding the emergency response and support for Virginians.

Today, LIS was updated and shows that both the Virginia ranked choice voting bills had recent actions. We are getting closer to having ranked choice voting local pilots in Arlington County and Virginia!

  • 03/12/20  House: Enrolled Bill communicated to Governor on March 12, 2020

  • 03/12/20  Governor: Governor's Action Deadline 11:59 p.m., April 11, 2020

Here is FairVote National's response to COVID-19.

Take care!

Elizabeth Melson

FairVote Virginia, President

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