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RCV for Richmond

FairVote Virginia followers in Richmond, we have a call to action for you! Contact Richmond City Council members (re-elected and new) - tell them you want to use ranked choice voting in elections for City Council and Mayor.

We analyzed the results (so far reported) of the recent election in Richmond and found that four out of nine Districts and the Mayoral race had three or more candidates. Out of those races with three or more candidates, only Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch won with a true majority. We believe RCV can improve elections in Richmond!

Below is a sample script for talking to your representative in City Council * Click here for a District Map, to see which Council Member represents you.

"Dear Councilperson_________,

I am your constituent living at [Richmond district or neighborhood]. On April 10, 2020, Governor Northam signed HB 1103. This Act amended the Code of Virginia by adding a section numbered 24.2-673.1, relating to using ranked choice voting (RCV) in local elections.

This bill gives localities the option to pilot ranked choice voting, beginning in 2021, for their local governing body. Most localities already have the equipment capable for RCV.

Places that already have RCV have seen higher turnout, cleaner campaigning, and greater engagement from diverse candidates and voters. RCV elections also require a candidate to win with majority support, which improves results in races with a crowded field of candidates. 

I support the adoption of ranked choice voting for City Council and Mayoral elections. RCV makes local elections better, faster, and cheaper in jurisdictions that want to use it. 

Thank you,

Your Name"

*Please check back for contact information for the newly elected Councilpersons in District 2 and District 3, Tavarris J. Spinks and Ann-Frances Lambert, once election results are official. 

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