Senate Bill SB 892 Did Not Report Out

SB 892 did not report out of Senate Privileges and Elections committee on January 28th. It appeared that there may have been some will to report it to Finance committee, however, after an amendment was proposed to limit the pilot implementation to Planning District 8 (Northern Virginia) the bill did not move forward.

We believe Senators need to hear from more constituents in support of a local pilot option for ranked choice voting elections. It is not too late for Senators to hear from you this session, because if any of the House bills that we are tracking pass, they may still go before Senators in crossover.

Please thank the Senators listed in this link, who voted in favor of moving SB 892 forward. If your Senator did not vote in favor, ask them to support legislation that proposes local pilots for ranked choice voting should it come before them again this session.

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