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Urgent Action: Motion to Reconsider HB129 and HB603

RCV Advocates, we aren't giving up yet on this Virginia General Assembly Session! We've dug into the House of Delegates Rules and found that a bill that has been "laid on the table," may be resurrected via a Rule 70, Motion to Reconsider.

Delegate Leftwich - R and Delegate Adams, L.R -R, pressed "pause" on these bills, but did not kill them. Let's ask the Delegates of the Privileges & Elections Committee to press play on RCV! This is urgent action. It must be done quickly after the bill was tabled, within two session days. The good news is, we have this weekend to send emails and Monday to call.

Here are the Members of the House Privileges & Elections Committee and how to contact them. Below you will find a script with Talking Points. You may also CC: House Majority Whip Delegate Michael Webert (R) - (804) 698-1018

Margaret B. Ransone (R) - House District 99​

(804) 698-1099

Israel D. O'Quinn (R) - House District 5

(804) 698-1005

Les R. Adams (R) - House District 16

(804) 698-1016

James A. "Jay" Leftwich (R) - House District 78

(804) 698-1078

Christopher T. Head (R) - House District 17

(804) 698-1017

John J. McGuire, III (R) - House District 56

(804) 698-1056

Robert S. Bloxom, Jr. (R) - House District 100

(804) 698-1000

Wren M. Williams (R) - House District 9

(804) 698-1009

Kim A. Taylor (R) - House District 63

(804) 698-1063

Phillip A. Scott (R) - House District 88

(804) 698-1088

​Karen S. Greenhalgh (R) - House District 85

(804) 698-1085

H. Otto Wachsmann, Jr. (R) - House District 75

(804) 698-1075

Mark D. Sickles (D) - House District 43

(804) 698-1043

Schuyler T. VanValkenburg (D) - House District 72

(804) 698-1072

Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler (D) - House District 21

(804) 698-1021

Paul E. Krizek (D) - House District 44

(804) 698-1044

​Dawn M. Adams (D) - House District 68

(804) 698-1068

​David A. Reid (D) - House District 32

(804) 698-1032

​Shelly A. Simonds (D) - House District 94

(804) 698-1094

​Candi Mundon King (D) - House District 2

(804) 698-1002

Michelle E. Maldonado (D) - House District 50

(804) 698-1050

​Jackie H. Glass (D) - House District 89

(804) 698-1014

"Dear Delegate __________,

Please consider entering a Motion to Reconsider HB129 and HB603, or encouraging eligible colleagues to do so. The bill, HB129, gives local political parties the option to use ranked choice voting in primaries. HB603 expands current law to allow the option for ranked choice voting for more local offices and Constitutional Offices. Neither bill is a required mandate.

Regulations for administration of RCV elections have already been published by the State Board of Elections, in December 2021. We already know how to get from A to B, regarding RCV. The Commissioner of Elections testified in Privileges & Elections Committee, on Friday, explaining that he is confident that the Commonwealth of Virginia could be ready to run RCV elections by next year. The bills had positive public comment via Zoom and many positive submitted comments.

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have successfully used RCV in nominating conventions in Virginia. However, party conventions do not currently have means for accommodating absentee or oversees military voters. By 2024, they will be required to do so. The option to hold a state-run primary, with the additional option of ranked choice voting, allows for the inclusion of absentee and military voters in a more fair and effective way.

RCV results in a candidate winning with a true majority outcome. Places that have RCV have seen higher turnout, more civil campaigns, greater engagement from diverse candidates and voters. RCV can save time and money, compared to a run-off election or conventions.

Please bring this legislation off the table and let's move the option of RCV forward.


Name ____________

Location _______________"

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